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City, pool district to seek voter approval for new park district

Nov 21, 2023

The City of Anacortes and the Fidalgo Park and Recreation District entered into an interlocal agreement at the city’s Nov. 20 city council meeting.

Under the interlocal agreement, the city agrees to prep a ballot proposition for 2024 asking the voters to authorize the formation of a metropolitan park district which would replace the current Parks and Recreation District.


Proponents of new pool selling naming rights

Jan 16, 2019

The Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center board of commissioners is offering naming rights to help raise half the cost of the estimated $28.4 million needed to build the proposed center. The rest would be raised through a bond proposed for the February 2020 ballot.


Structural review finds cracked concrete, corrosion in pool basement

Nov 8, 2018

Chunks of concrete were ripped out of the Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center basement wall with a crowbar during a structural evaluation on Oct. 26.

The damage to the wall was due to spalling – water entering the concrete, forcing the surface to crack. Once the chunks were removed, the reinforcing steel beams showed signs of corrosion according to the report from engineers at PCS Structural Solutions.


Board OKs new pool estimated at $28.4 million

The Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center board voted unanimously Monday to replace the aging facility with a new pool now estimated to cost $28.4 million. The board plans to raise funds for half and ask voters to pay for most of the rest.


Contractor presents costs of pool upgrade options

The Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center board has received price estimates for construction of three potential pool upgrade options — a new pool, a renovation with an addition or just a renovation — with price points ranging from $2.3 million to as much as $21.5 million, not including “soft costs” such as engineering fees.


Fidalgo pool commission to discuss potential construction

May 30, 2018

ANACORTES — The Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center District commissioners will meet Thursday to take public comment and discuss possible changes to the facility, including the possibility of adding a second pool.